Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Power of a Threat

My bronchitis just wouldn't let go. The day after New Year's found me wheezing pretty badly, worse than the previous weekend, so I scheduled an appointment with my asthma doc for Monday. Saturday morning I found the energy to shovel the snow that fell early Friday morning, but I was wondering if I'd feel good enough to go to class this morning.

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks. Beginner 2 went so well I decided to take barre in Advanced Beginner too. It was fun to get more of a mental challenge than I've had recently. By the end of barre I still wasn't out of breath, though i could tell by the trembling in my muscles that I'd run out of endurance. Apparently I didn't look bad because I got some light-hearted teasing from some of the other students for bailing, but the instructor cut them off by saying, "He's already had one full class today!" I think 2 hours and 20 minutes is enough to walk out with my head held high.

I can only attribute my sudden recovery to the same magic that makes a balky car run just fine the day you take it to a mechanic. It's the threat of actually doing something about the problem that causes it to disappear. I just hope it doesn't come back later next week!

Edited to add: Oh holy crap, it's been too long since I had a workout like that, and I think I just failed the "ease back into the routine" thing. Even the instructor was having to pull back on the reins a bit: when she demoed an adagio combination she said "brush to arabesque" but kept her foot on the ground. I assumed that was just to make the demo easier until she called out "To tendu, Reece; we don't lift it until the next exercise." Oops. Color me eager.

Within an hour after class my ankles and what I'll politely refer to as my turn-out muscles started aching. Now, five hours later, I'm getting twitches and threats of cramps in a variety of leg muscles. I just took some calcium/magnesium tablets and drank about a liter of water, and now I'm going to grab my frozen "bag of peas" to see if I can avoid waking up to screaming cramps tonight. Wish me luck.

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