Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It Burns! It Buurns!

I made it to class this evening. Oh how it burns! And hurts and aches. Everything from hips south, though primarily in my feet. Clearly going to two or three classes a month doesn't work for me; I need to go to class regularly or stop going altogether. And I don't think I'm ready for that.

Don't get me wrong; many things went well this evening. I'll feel better once the ibuprofen kicks in.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's been SO long

It's been so long since I was in class regularly I think I over-stretched a muscle just getting dressed.

I was hoping to ease my way back into class by taking the easier of the Beginner 2 weekend classes. Of course this meant the regular instructor was on vacation and the Saturday instructor was subbing. I really like her, but she's not known for easy classes. She did tone it down for this group, despite their comments, as evidenced by the absence of single-legged relev├ęs.

One of the barre exercises proved a bit too complex for me to execute, though I think I would have had it if we'd repeated it, but most seemed pretty easy once I figured out the timing. I know that I would have been struggling desperately a couple of years ago. In center things went well until the last exercise where she introduced a new step I've never heard of before -- something about fluttering legs. I was rather tired by then and skipped that, not having brain power left to absorb it. But most of my turns were strong and controlled, which I was pleased to note.

All in all, not bad after getting to only ONE class last month.