Sunday, January 19, 2014

Beware the Diva Chair!

Work prevented me from getting to class Thursday evening, which might not have been a bad thing given the sporadic muscle spasms I was still having. This morning's Beginner 2 class was huge, and with 21 students there were three of us at each of the portable barres and no room at the barres around the walls. I felt good, with just a few occasions during center when I needed to stop and catch my breath. I walked out feeling ready to tackle the Advanced Beginner class that followed.

Like most instructors of drop-in classes, this one varies the difficulty level of the class depending on who shows up. In today's Advanced Beginner class we had the (mis-)fortune to have several of the girls from the school's company, plus a couple of guys who are either young pros or soon will be. That meant the center combinations were fast and complex, with lots of weight changes. Most of those who are regulars in this class adapted pretty well and probably enjoyed the challenge, but for the last 15 minutes I felt way over my head. It's a serious roller coaster ride going from feeling like I was hot stuff to flailing in the span of 90 minutes.

Looking back, with an hour's distance and food in my belly, I didn't do too badly. I didn't have any problems with barre other than some more spasms in serratus anterior. In center I did my first real double pirouette en dehor from fourth. It wasn't pretty but I was doing worse singles six months ago, and I just wanted to see if I could do it. None of the combinations are drastically out of my reach. I know all the steps; I just can't keep ahead of a sequence that long and that complex yet. But there will be a time when I can.

What about the odd post title? A previous class apparently contaminated a spot in the center with something slippery, so the instructor wiped up what she could and put the high swivel chair kept in each studio for instructors' use over the slippery spot and announced that we needed to "dance around the prima diva". Eventually that got shortened to "beware the diva chair!" Who said we don't have fun in class?

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  1. :) Happy double pirouette! :) I definitely think eating should happen before deciding how "poorly" you've done! Makes a world of difference! :) Having pros in class is good so you can watch and emulate but definitely keeps you on your toes! Glad you danced around the diva! :)


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