Sunday, September 18, 2011

Technique, slippers, or floor?

I'm having a bit of a problem where during certain movements I'm finding that my feet slip on the floor.

For example, we have a simple combination of two balancés (forward and back) followed by two clockwise chaînés turns. Then the pattern repeats. Coming out of the second chaînés turn I place my right foot down and as I bring my left foot up behind it my right foot slides a little along the axis of travel. Not enough to dump me on the ground, but it throws me off balance. Where is the problem?

Some random thoughts:
  • Is this an error in technique? Maybe I'm too far off balance to begin with, and expecting too much traction from a floor designed to allow turns without tearing up knees?
  • My shoes are canvas with split soles (Capezio Cobra). I've had them for about 5 months now. They're worn about two hours a week.
  • If I brush the sole of the shoe with my hand after completing one of our combos, it comes away feeling like the shoe had picked up dust, though there's nothing to see on my hand. The shoes don't show any real sign of dirt, but they are black in color. Is this normal?
  • The floor is wood and used only for dance instruction.
  • We don't use rosin.
  • I'm usually at the front of the room, which is an area that probably gets minimal use.
  • Someone suggested dampening the suede pads on my shoes. I've tried doing this cautiously, not wanting to damage the shoe or the floor. It gives a brief increase in traction, but within a steps they're dry to the touch again and I'm back to slipping.
I've given serious thought to going in one evening and wiping down the floor with a slightly damp cloth.

Any other ideas?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Substitute Instructor

Our regular instructor is finishing up her state teaching certificate, so we had a substitute instructor.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Leotards and alignment belts

Have you ever gone looking for a man's leotard? Years ago I had a couple in cool colors, like a deep forest green. Now they're some crazy print, cut like a wife-beater undershirt, or white. Plain, thin white. *sigh* So I decided to try a plain white one.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I like private lessons

Once again I was the only student to show up for class. Maybe it was the rain? Regardless, it's fun to have the undivided attention of the teacher.