Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Getting Better All the Time

As I started writing this post, that Beatles song jumped into my head as the perfect title. And it's true for me. I went to my regular Beginner II class this morning. There were some moments where I was out of breath, but nothing really horrible. Only a slight cough during the first part of barre as my respirations got really deep, and no comments about quarantining the classroom this time! I may have reached the point where it's mostly lack of recent exercise and not so much the bronchitis that I'm dealing with.

For the most part, this class isn't all that technically challenging. It's trying to do each step well that I'm working on. The exception is a turns combination that this instructor introduced a few weeks ago. It's one of her favorites to help work the kinks out of pirouettes. Starting in something of a lunge, bring the back foot up and pirouette en dedans to a tombe with the working foot forward in the reverse of the previous lunge. Then bring the new back foot to pirouette en dehor to tombe reversing the lunge again. Thus all the turns are in the same direction but they alternate en dedans and en dehor. For those of us who are used to ending en dehor turns with the working foot in the rear it's a challenge, but it does highlight any tendency to lean back during the turns. Even some others who are very good with turns have trouble with this exercise.

But at least I'm complaining about things I need to learn and improve, and not about being unable to breathe! Now to work my way back up to 4 classes a week.

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