Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Identification, please!

For some reason my calf muscles have been hurting ever since class Sunday. Not in the usual places, though. This time it's at the very top end of the muscles, below the knee but definitely in the calf muscles. I've been trying to get higher up on demi-pointe, and I suspect this is an area that hasn't gotten as much work before. But I wasn't expecting it to ache so much for so long.

Figuring I needed some stretching, and hoping to get back into my old routine, I went to the Beginner 2 (or 2.75) class last night. I got there early enough to do some stretching before class, and I was surprised how tight my calf muscles still were. This class is quite active, even compared to my Advanced Beginner class, and by the end of barre a lot of the spot soreness was gone. Or else the rest had started to ache enough that the difference wasn't quite as pronounced.

I think I did pretty well. I didn't find the adagio combinations terribly difficult to remember, and I had time to work on some of the finer details rather than just trying to remember what comes next. The first allegro combinations also weren't bad, though I sometimes forget the port de bras in favor of the footwork. When the instructor demonstrated the last combination I was tired and having trouble concentrating, and I just couldn't remember the sequence. I followed each group intently, hoping to jump in at the end, but though it didn't seem all that complicated it was too long to remember and I sat it out.

Every so often through class the instructor would jokingly suggest we all just stop now and go out for tacos. "Taco Tuesday!" she'd exclaim. After class I found that a small group was indeed going out for tacos, so I invited myself along. None of us actually had tacos, but it was fun to be out and socialize. However, there was a moment that highlighted the difference between the others and myself: when we ordered drinks everyone got carded, including the instructor who is quite young-looking, but I believe she's in her early 40s. Everyone, that is, except me. Looking around at the group I had a momentary thought that one might mistake us for a family. A strange thought, but I could think of worse families.

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