Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Strategy rethink

Went to my Tuesday evening "Beginner II" class this evening, after having skipped it several weeks in a row. I put quotes around that because it's very close to the Advanced Beginner class I took Sunday afternoon. I think the combinations were a little easier and a hair slower, but not by much. It was a small class, with only 11 students in attendance.

Two of the girls came over from the local university, where they've been taking ballet. More than once I heard them exclaim that they felt totally lost. We all reassured them that they should just do what they could and not worry about it. Afterward the instructor suggested they come to tomorrow night's or Sunday afternoon's Beginner I class until they felt more comfortable. As I've said before, this place's kids program has turned out a shocking number of pro dancers, and most of the adult classes are taught by retired principal and soloist pros. But we have fun too.

After having several days with outside temperatures in the 20s to low 30s and snow the day before Thanksgiving, temps are headed for the mid 60s later this week. So after several very chilly classes, this evening's class was quite warm. The thermostat on the wall was set for 72, but the actual temp was a balmy 78 and humid. Humid like a locker room. Oh well -- they're saying it'll be back in the 30s next week with a chance of snow.

My strategy had been to drop the Saturday classes in favor of a Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday (x2) schedule. Having gotten back into this instructor's classes I'm again tempted to make time for her Saturday morning class too.

Who needs a life outside ballet?

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