Saturday, July 14, 2012

Past-tense Oops

It seems that there was class Thursday a week ago. The instructor was caught in traffic, and arrived about the same time I gave up and left. Oh well.

Consolidating class to one day a week has helped get everyone there at the same time. This week there were five students at the barre, including one new woman. I got the impression that she has previous dance experience, but probably not ballet.

I'm debating changing my class attire for the rest of the summer. While the Thursday night class is generally is cool enough, the Tuesday night classes at the new studio are held in a very large room that seems overly warm to me. As in "wring out my dripping T-shirt" warm. I may switch from tights to something shorter and cooler.

I might also try wearing my white slippers instead of the black ones. The old studio's floor is wood and is fairly slick; probably great if you're learning ballroom, but not great for ballet. I've done a bit of scuffing of the suede pads on the black slippers to increase their hold on the floor, but the new studio has Marley floors. Instead of being worried about slipping, I'm finding it hard to slide my foot in a tendu let alone pivot on a weight-bearing foot. The white slippers have very little wear on them, so maybe they'll slide a bit more easily. It's a cheap thing to test.

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