Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not how I planned it

I decided to experiment with different attire for class this evening. I dug out a pair of bicycling leggings I hoped would be cooler than my dance tights. These come to mid-calf, so I matched my white slippers with a pair of thin white socks. Rounding it out was a t-shirt with no silkscreening. Rather than empty my dance bag of my regular gear I just added to it. This, I felt, would offer the option of changing my mind. Thus I had just about two of everything stuffed in my bag.

I find it useful to visualize activities before doing them, so about 5 minutes out from the studio I began to picture the class, starting with my arrival. As I mentally ran through changing I had a sudden image of one of my two dance belts sitting by the sink to be washed, followed by the horrific image of the other hanging up in my laundry room after being washed this weekend.

With a sinking feeling I dumped my dance bag on the seat next to me (distracted driving, anyone?) and pawed through the pile. Two pair of slippers, a pair of socks, leggings, tights, t-shirt... and no dance belt. Now, I don't want to brag, but when I tried on the leggings this morning it was obvious that I'd need to wear a dance belt under it, and the tights would be as bad if not worse. Nor would the thin underpants I was wearing do much to help -- the temps have been near 100F (about 38C) and I was dressed for comfort.

Thinking quickly, I remembered there being a dance store not far away. I headed there happy that I had a half hour before class. I would miss my extended warmup, but I might be able to avoid being late. Arriving at the store I ran to the door, only to discover they'd closed promptly at 6:00, and it was 6:09. Lacking time to go anywhere else and make it back for class I admitted defeat and went home.

*Le Sigh*

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