Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jet-lagged... without the jet

I'm teaching a class in Europe this week. Only problem is that while the class is in Europe, I'm still in the US. See, it's an on-line class. Which means I have to wake up at 2am, when it's pitch black, to be ready to teach at 9am their time. We break for lunch about the time my cat normally demands to be fed. When class is over for the day it's about noon, which makes it hard to get back to sleep. Toss in a ballet class in the evening, and you have time-zone confusion.

I did make it to class last night, and I'm glad I did. We've moved on from trivially simple things to doing harder work. Things that require real balance, like doing tendus with hands on your hips. And being off-balance from the weird sleep schedule didn't help.

Nor did the temperature in the studio. I ended up wearing a T-shirt and tights this time, and I ended up dripping. Don't believe me? Here's photo of my T-shirt taken after class.

It should be a nice, uniform grey color. The collar is wet enough to wring out, and the back and the front are nearly so. And that was only an hour class. I know I'm out of shape, but I gotta find some lighter-weight dance gear.


  1. My current go-to dance shirt isn't really made for dance but athletic sports: Under Armour HeatGear compression T-shirt. It's light and form-fitting, and dries quickly. I came across it at my local sporting goods store, and now have it in a few different colors. Otherwise I usually wear sleeveless shirts or tanks to help stay cool.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Jeff. I wasn't really thinking about "official" dance gear; there's just so little of it out there for men, and less that would look good on someone with a less-than-sleek physique.

      I'd been planning a trip to my local sporting goods store, so I checked out your suggestion. Light weight, breathable, stretchy -- pretty much what I was looking for. Maybe I can even stop having to pull my shirt down over my belly after raising my arms.

      I'll post something after class Tuesday.


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