Thursday, May 26, 2011

Perception versus Reality

There are times I feel like I'm going backward. I'm not, but it feels that way. Part of it is that as I learn more about how this is supposed to be done, I become more aware of what I'm doing wrong. Or what I know I should be doing, but my body doesn't want to cooperate. I should celebrate those things I can do, and not worry about the things I can't do yet. It shouldn't bother me, but it does. Probably too much time spent looking at pictures of professional dancers doing everything perfectly.

The other adagio we've been practicing goes something like this:
  1. Start upstage left facing upstage right, croisé derrière right.
  2. Four ballet walking steps, right foot first, on the diagonal toward downstage right.
  3. Sweep right foot through to effacé derrière left.
  4. Lift left leg to first arabesque for two counts.
  5. Demi-plié with the right supporting leg, then pop up to arabesque en demi-pointe for two counts.
  6. Land back in effacé derrière left, slide left leg through to croisé derrière right.
  7. Shift the weight back to croisé devant left.
  8. Bring left foot back while pivoting to face upstage left, croisé derrière left.
  9. Repeat to the other side.
Many thanks to my friend Jill, who helped me learn left from right (I was describing which foot carried the weight, while proper usage describes the working foot). This description is still probably badly butchered, but unless my instructor discovers this blog I won't know if it's close to what she's trying to teach. And I'd just as soon not have her reading over my shoulder!

The sequence is kinda fun to do. We did it several time tonight, after practicing the other one. It's almost like dancing! ;-) I usually can do the arabesque including the "bounce" up to demi-pointe, though my landing isn't as pretty as it could be and I sometimes forget what comes next at that point.

Miscellaneous stuff:
  • I incorrectly described the barre exercise that I thought was contributing to my soreness. It's a plié in first, rise to demi-pointe while still in the plié, rise from the plié while still on demi-pointe, and finally lower the heels. All while (trying to) maintain turn-out. I can feel the stretch in the calf muscles in that last step.
  • I found the tag for the tights I really like. They are indeed Capezio 5945s. The size M are a bit tight, so I'm going to get some size L. They're no longer made, so I may buy several. I wonder what their shelf life is?
  • The Capezio MT-11s are holding up ok, unlike the MT-10s. According to the sizing chart I'm right on the cusp between L and XL; these are size L and they're just a bit on the short side, so if I get more I'll get XL.
  • I think I'm going to have to get myself a portable barre for home. I need to practice.
Next class isn't for 5 days. One of the women was joking about asking for a Saturday morning class. I wonder how serious she is, and if it's practical. Would this teacher really want to see us that often?

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