Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Men's dance tights

This weekend I bought some Capezio MT-11 tights. Getting ready for class this evening I pulled them out, thinking they're the same as the ones I've been wearing. They're not. They're far better than the MT-10 tights which ripped the first time I put them on, but they're not the same.

The tag in the tights is next to useless, giving brand, size and care but not model number. The only bit of packaging left over was a tag with the trademark Meryl on it, so I went hunting. I think I found them: Capezio 5945. Finally! Except... Capezio has discontinued style 5945. I can still find them in left-over stock, but it's still a bummer. I think I finally understand what women feel like when they find a bra that's comfortable only to discover that it's been discontinued.

I'm going to class tonight in the MT-11s to see how they hold up. I may have to get XL in the MT-11, even though I'm wearing a Medium in the old tights. I'll let ya know!

Edit: The Capezio website now lists style 5945 tights. At the time this posting was originally written, the only style of men's tights that appeared on the Capezio website were style MT-11. I have not purchased any new 5945 tights yet.

'nother edit: As described here I purchased two pair of Capezio 5945 tights in size L. They're great: soft and comfortable. All of the MT-11s are now stuffed in a drawer "for emergency use only".

Yet another update (20-Jun-2012): The 5945s have disappeared from the Capezio website again, and most of the on-line shops I looked at either say they're out of stock or don't list them at all. I guess they're really gone now. 


  1. Hi, Capezio 5945 tights are still available all over the place, even on the Capezio US website. Where did you get the information that they had been discontinued?

  2. All I can say is that the weren't on the Capezio site when I wrote this entry a month ago. The only item that showed up under men's legwear were the MT-11s.

    Or... maybe... Mr. Anonymous is the Capezio webmaster, and has put them back on the Capezio site just to screw with my head? Yeah, that's it!

  3. Why don't Capezio sell 5945 tights in the UK? I have emailed Capezio in the US and UK to ask this question but received no reply. They used to sell meryl/lycra 3530 tights but discontinued this excellent product and replaced it with the MT10 and MT11 both of which IMHO are awful. So come on Capezio lets have some 5945 tights this side of the Pond.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Apparently they don't sell them on this side of the Pond either, anymore. I just tried to find them on the Capezio website and the only men's tights that show up are the MT-11. And I agree with you, the MT-11s are awful.

    I just ordered 4pr of 5945s from an on-line shop that claims to have them in stock. We'll see if they arrive, or if I get one of those "we're sorry, but we're out" replies.

    I guess I'm going to have to find another brand going forward.

    1. See my post after approval: Styles change constantly. If you are not fat, Shapings and hosiree.com sell the Platino Luxe Fata. There is no see thru, but the satin shine may be undesirable. Sansha is often a good brand for men. Removing shininess from the design of a garment seems to reduce the comfortable wear factor, though.

  5. I do remember one time having the back seamed Capezio brand that were 100% nylon and that felt like a burlap sack around your legs. Were those the ones you were looking for? It seems that they are neither sold or made anymore. I am currently using the satin shiny Platino Luxe Fata, and they are back seamed also, but they are nothing at all like the Capezio I had that is so long gone. Products keep changing rapidly, so you have to be really on top of your options. I cannot suggest the Platino if you are fat, the charmeuse yarn does not have much stretch, but it is totally opaque, having even less see thru than the Mstevens mens brand. I have not tried the Sansha yet, but last time I checked, they only had the option for one size, so I don't know if it is a one size fits all style.

  6. I just started having some of my old pairs go bad, now it looks like the Platino Luxe Fata line is going the way of the dodo, I can't find my color or size so I went to tights online for something similar..aarrgghhh! I wish they would quit changing things around so much. Have you guys been able to find your old Capezio brand anymore? I haven't seen them, not that I miss them anyway.

  7. UPDATE: It looks like the sites were getting rid of their old stock, which had the scalloped waistband. Platino Luxe Fata is appearing in a new package with a much thicker, and wider waistband which should double or triple the life of the garment. Shapings.com have the cheapest price, it is $42 after shipping. Fogal Rapallo wants about triple the price.


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