Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Didja get the license plate number of that truck?

Remember that bout with allergies last Wednesday? It wasn't. It was a head cold. I seem to have missed out on the hot and cold running fever that some of my friends had, but I didn't miss out on the stuffy head, chest congestion, and lack of energy. I basically spent the time between my class last Thursday and class tonight in bed, with brief forays when I felt up to it.

Tonight, though, I was feeling better and wanted to see if I could make it to class. On the whole I think I did ok, though I skipped a couple of the relev├ęs and did them flat-footed. Barre work was pretty much the same as before, though some of the combinations were a bit more complex. In the center we built on what we'd done last week, adding soutenu turns; these I can do better than pirouette turns, as it's less of a challenge to my balance. We also added glissade, which I sort-of remember, but looks awful in the mirror.

At least I didn't feel totally exhausted at the end of class, like I did Thursday, only mostly exhausted. And I only hoarked up a few hairballs during class.

Oh... almost forgot. The size Large MT-11s didn't rip or run, but they did try to creep. They'll either have to stretch out a bit or they'll have a short life span from me trying to keep their crotch somewhere in the vicinity of mine.

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