Thursday, May 5, 2011

New shoes and the third class

This past Saturday my new black slippers arrived in the mail. Like the "old" white pair they're Capezio Cobras (style 2031).  I wasn't expecting them for several more days, and hadn't set aside time in my busy weekend for sewing elastics. Late Monday night, however, I decided I really wanted to wear the new shoes to class, so I stayed up late and got the job done. Tuesday after work I rushed home, changed into a T-shirt, dance belt and tights, then pulled on a pair of regular pants and shoes for the short drive to the studio. I got there a bit late, quickly shed my pants and shoes, pulled on my new black slippers and tried to get in at least a couple stretches before class.

Note to self: preparation time is essential. I'd gone a bit easier on my calves during Monday's yoga class so I wasn't hurting like last week, but I didn't feel centered. I had more freedom of movement than last week, and could stay on demi-pointe with less effort, but my sense of balance was off. I didn't have a death-grip on the barre like I needed during the first class, but I was far more unsteady than at the beginning of the second class.

We had five students in this week's class; three I recognized from my first class, while the fourth may or may not have been the same. The younger woman who wore a leotard and tights to my first class was wearing much the same, as was the woman I didn't recognize. The woman who wore sweats to class 1 and 2 had switched to tights. As I've mentioned I switched as well. That left the woman wearing a loose jogging suit. When we assembled at the barre she looked around at the rest of the class and said quietly, "I'm going to have to get some tights." This brought a smile to my face.

We did basic barre work: pliés, relevés, rond de jambes, and added développés. I can get reasonable elevation (by my standards) of my leg to the front and rear, but to the side all my hip flexors protest. I'm going to have to come up with some sort of regular stretching and exercise to work on this.

Out in the center of the floor we added a couple of new things. Pas de chat is one I remember from waybackwhen, and I enjoyed that. Then we tried pirouette en dehours, which I did not enjoy; my balance was way off, and I've forgotten what it is that drives the turn.

Overall I'm really glad I went back to ballet, though only time will tell if I keep at it. Thus far I'm pretty much winded by the end of the class, though I'm hoping that will improve as time goes on. Next week we'll be adding a second class Thursday nights, so that should help.

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  1. Congratulations on returning to ballet! Getting back in shape can be a challenge, but its well worth the effort. I'm glad you started to record your progress here. Best wishes,



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