Thursday, February 19, 2015

I'm ready for SPRING already!

Between the weather, some personal stuff, and the WEATHER, it's been more than a week and a half since my last class. And I'm feeling it for sure. Especially in the hip flexors. And it's only a month before the Men's Master Class in San Fran. So far to go and so little time.

Tonight there were no professionals and no pre-pros in my Advanced Beginner class. The exercises actually felt do-able. My balance was way off, but my lame-duck piqué turns were good enough that I could focus on foot placement and spotting. My pirouettes en dehor were ok, but en dedans they were crappy. We had a couple of tour jetés in the last combination, which were fun — I like catching a little air.

I am so totally ready for warmer weather. The forecast for tonight says it might get down to -5F (-20.5C), with the wind making it feel like it's -20F (-29C). That'd set a new all-time record low for this date. Maybe the bears have it right: I want to hibernate until Spring!

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