Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another Snow Day

Normally I'm quite relaxed about snow days. Here on the Mid Atlantic coast, snow generally doesn't stick around long, and I can usually work at home. There's a large grocery store within walking distance, and several more within a couple of miles. When I do have to go out I drive a Subaru with all-wheel drive, and have decades of experience driving in snow.

This winter, though, is driving me batty. I'm enrolled in Ballet San Jose's Men's Master Class in San Francisco on the 15th. I missed several classes in a row in December due to illness, and several more scattered over the last couple months due to weather. Today everything is closed due to heavy snowfall.

That's not to say I haven't been getting to classes, despite my lousy blogging habits. I've made it to a couple Thursday night Advanced Beginner classes, and I've lost that hesitant feeling I wrote about before. Some of the folk from my Beginner II classes have started showing up in my Advanced Beginner classes too. It makes me feel better to have others of about the same skill level in the class, and not just folk who are clearly better than me.

With any luck I'll get to a class either this weekend or Monday evening. I expect I'll be too busy preparing for my trip to get to class Tuesday evening. I might make it to a class Friday night in San Jose. We'll see.

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