Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Turner is Broken

I got to my Beginner II class a bit later than usual this morning, and a newbie had camped out in my usual spot. An entire portable barre in the front row was open so I stood there instead. No big deal, until one of my classmates says loudly, "Hey Reece! Someone is in your spot!" The woman standing there gets all embarrassed and says, "Is this your spot? I didn't know! I'll move." Hilarity ensues. In the end I insisted she stay in "my" spot.

I'm not sure what I did, but I seem to have broken my turner. I could barely manage decent pirouettes en dehor from fourth, and en dedans just wasn't happening. This problem persisted through Advanced Beginner too, which I stayed for.

Speaking of which, I'm kinda thinking I need to drop out of the Beginner II class. Not because I've learned everything there is to learn there, but because three hours of ballet is a lot. I'm quite sore this afternoon. As my girlfriend jokingly said, "You let the ballerina beat up on you for three hours? You poor baby." I tell you, I get no respect.

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