Monday, February 3, 2014

Lame Duck

As I implied last post, I did get to class yesterday. With mixed results. In B2 we did a bunch of piqué turns, and I'm starting to get the hang of them. I still have trouble getting my head all the way around, which means I tend to curve by under-rotating a bit with each turn. But the instructor said she "sees potential". A nice ego boost.

During AB barre I felt a sudden twinge in the tendon just to the outside of my right heel bone. I pulled up short and gave it some tentative stretches to see if something bad had happened, but it seemed fine. A few minutes later I felt a pain in the middle of the same foot at the metatarsals which continued to ache a bit. But by center it all seemed fine.

In center I did okay with the adagio portion and the first part of the allegro. We did a turning combo that I thought I managed tolerably, until the instructor started telling us that we should start turns while keeping the leading arm in first rather than opening it. That took care of my over-turning tendencies and then some! It is prettier, but it makes it harder.

When we got to the long/fast/complex combo I've been bailing on, we walked through it at a slow, deliberate pace. That helped a lot and at first I thought I could try it at speed, but it's about twice too fast for me still. I found a nice, safe corner and rested a bit instead. Some day I'll get it. At the end we did a combo I thought I understood, but clearly I was leaving out steps in the middle and getting both timing and position muddled up. But the last few steps was the chassé, pas de bourrée, glissade, jump combo, and I managed to finish the last bit in good sync with the other two guys in the class.

Leaving the TWB performance I noticed my heel was stiff, but it loosened up. Today, though, it's been achy and tender all day. At least the metatarsal joints aren't causing me trouble too.

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