Friday, February 14, 2014

Answers, and another hiatus

After bailing out half way through class Thursday a week ago, I skipped classes this weekend. The doctor I was to see is geographically close to the dance studio so I'd scheduled my appointment for late Tuesday afternoon, thinking I'd go straight to class from there.

Well, I got my answers. The good news is that it's not a continuation of the bronchitis or anything else infectious. The bad news is that I don't expect to be doing much dancing for a few months until I get this sorted out. This being an open blog, that's about all I'll say about that.

And who put in the order for over a foot of snow? You couldn't have done it over the holidays, when it would have been fun? Sheesh. I could really have done without this.


  1. A couple of months without dance? When a hiatus is something you've chosen it's one thing but if you're out because of an injury/illness - it sucks. I'm so sorry. I hope health wise you are ok.

  2. Oh, dear. :( That is not fun.
    I trust you are in good care and will be fine. Hopefully you can find other things to do to keep your spirits up during your "time off".
    Take care.


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