Friday, October 18, 2013

Ran outta gas

Tuesday evening started well. A little bit better in balance, barre combinations that I could follow. At the break after barre I asked the instructor if she remembered why she'd called my name the week before, but she didn't have any recollection. She offered a guess that I might have been on the wrong foot, or been facing the wrong way. I was in the front row and unable to see the mirror at that point so it's possible, but mentally reviewing the event I don't think either guess is the case. So it will forever remain a mystery.

Center work was OK but I didn't have much energy. About half way through we started jumps — earlier than usual — and we did a lot of them. By the time we re-did the assemblĂ© combination I had no spring left and I kinda sluffed through it. That killed that opportunity to see if we could reconstruct the problem from last week.

By midnight my legs were aching and twitching some. I blame the second set of sautés, which were done at such a fast pace I think I was thumping down rather than rolling down. I took some ibuprofen before going to bed, but woke up twice during the night with leg aches. Fortunately I had a previously scheduled appointment with a massage therapist Wednesday evening. That helped a lot, but my feet are still sore today (Friday).

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