Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A frustrating combination

Another wreck on the Interstates turned my 30 minute drive into a 55 minute slog, but I'd left early enough to arrive with 10 minutes to spare. That gave me just enough time to change and limber up just a little.

Barre went well, and I picked up even the new combinations quickly. I was surprised to discover that in fourth I can almost touch the floor, which is unusual for me. We did one combination that ended with a piqué straight to arabesque, hold for a beat, then roll down to a plié. I didn't have much trouble with that, and was hoping it boded well for center.

I got the combinations pretty well, but my balance seemed a bit off. We did some turns in attitude which I've only done a couple of times and not in a long time, and I managed those OK. Not gracefully, but in roughly the right position. When we did sauté jumps I swear the pianist sped up as she played. We did an interesting sequence of jumps — four changements, échappé to second and then to fourth, finishing with a pirouette en dehor closing in fifth — that I felt like I really nailed, including the turns and timing.

Then, of course, we went on to an allegro that I just couldn't get my feet to follow. Starting from fifth, glissade, jeté, coupé, coupé, a quick coupé into a ballonné to the side closing in back, another quick coupé into a chassé blended with an assemblé. Going to the right I fumbled it a bit, but going left I screwed it up so badly I got frustrated enough to step out of the group. Determined to figure it out I jumped into the next group but still couldn't get it. It just seemed to get worse, and worse. On the third or fourth attempt I got a cramp in the medial arch of my right foot and I gave up. This is beginner stuff? Fortunately we ran out of time about then and I hobbled through reverence and off to the dressing room.

Anyone want to bet that we'll see this sequence again?

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