Saturday, October 19, 2013

It's good I'm not paranoid

Today I was at my traditional spot at the barre, at the opposite end from where the instructor demonstrates. As we progress through each exercise the instructor circles the edge of the class so she can see everyone. She'd already offered one correction to me by name as she passed me, and as she continued past and behind me I lost sight of her. Focused as I was on the exercise, I assumed she'd continued up the side of the room behind me. So I was startled to hear her offer another correction to me from right behind me. That would normally exceed my quota of personal attention for the day, but then came a third.

Don't take me wrong; I'm not the least bit feeling picked on. I appreciate the corrections. I'm just not used to having people appear behind me without my noticing that they're there first.

This class seems to be ramping up in complexity. I seem to be OK with the exercises, except today I had real trouble balancing on my right leg.

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