Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Was delayed leaving work this evening, so rather than going to my normal Wednesday night place I went back to the normal Sunday place because the class starts 45 minutes later. Yeah, it's been one of those days.

After changing, I walked into class about five minutes early to find most of the barre space taken, including the spaces along the walls. And people kept coming in. By the time we started in earnest there were 24 of us, four of us men. I don't think I've ever in in a class that big or that full! It brought to mind Adult Beginner's tea cups. I'm betting the number will drop off as the New Year's resolutions begin to succumb to daily life pressures.

I'm feeling comfortably in the middle of the class. There are things I do better than some, and those same folk do things better than I do. I got a couple of compliments from the instructor, and managed one or two full-turn pirouettes with some measure of grace (and a bunch that were just fugly). This instructor is beginning to grow on me, and I'm debating staying with this class. It's farther from home and I get home later, but it's also a 90 minute class rather than 60. I'll have to see how traffic is as people go back to work.

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  1. My classes have been chock full as well, and I have also been attributing it to New Year's resolutions...though I'm happy to see so many people getting their ballet fix, I'm also going to breathe (and grande battement!) with a huge sigh of relief when the decks are cleared in February :)

    And good for you for having a backup plan/class for those times when you're having one of those days.


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