Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A New Home Studio?

This evening I took class at the place I go Sundays, to get a fair comparison with what had been my regular Wednesday place. I have one more pre-paid class at the Wednesday studio. After that y'all may have an easier time following along because I think I'll only be taking class at one studio.

It's not that the quality of the instruction is that much different, but I'm not feeling challenged. These are drop-in beginner classes, and the class has to be tailored to the level of the students. The Sunday place has a special 5-week "introduction" class which siphons off many of those who don't know a tendu from a dégagé, raising the level of the "Beginner I" classes I take.

I'm still learning from these classes, but I can see a time coming when I'll move up to the Beginner II class. I could probably manage the II class now, but for the moment I'm enjoying not feeling dumb, lost, and left behind.


  1. Have your studios seen an influx of new year's resolutioners/returners? I've noted this in several of my regular classes. The more advanced classes seem more full because of dancers getting back to their regular schedules after the holidays or after getting "lost" in the latter part of the year, and the lower level classes/drop-in classes are chock full of beginners. I love to see more dancers/ballet lovers and especially new people, but it does throw the teacher and the regular students a little extra challenge for at least a few weeks.

    get a lot out of taking my regular classes, which are appropriate for the level I am at now, plus the occasional slightly higher level class for a challenge and a sneak peek at what's coming, and then I regularly take lower level classes to really concentrate on my placement, alignment, and cleaning up my technique. Sounds like you do something of the sort as well :)

    1. I'd be tempted to take a lower level class for the same reason you mention, but the only class lower than I take is the "this is a plie" intro class. I suspect I'd be bored.

      Most of the comments I get from my various instructors have to do with slight corrections in alignment at the barre, with a fair share of compliments. I'm still struggling to get my turns on one foot (pirouettes and piques) working properly, but I'm about middle of my classes on that.

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    1. Hi Emma! Your blog is really starting to look good. Keep at it!


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