Monday, September 12, 2011

Leotards and alignment belts

Have you ever gone looking for a man's leotard? Years ago I had a couple in cool colors, like a deep forest green. Now they're some crazy print, cut like a wife-beater undershirt, or white. Plain, thin white. *sigh* So I decided to try a plain white one.

Why? Because I wanted to be able to see my alignment better, and the shirts I usually wear always ended up covering my hips. Tucking them in doesn't help, as they just pull out during class, or I get annoyed at the bulge in my tights,

I gave it two tries (Tuesday and Thursday), but I think I'm going back to a T-shirt for a while. It's just not the least bit flattering on my body.

The other new addition was an alignment belt. These are normally in a contrasting color and worn around the hips to make it easier to check your alignment. With a white T-shirt and black tights I don't need the contrasting color, but I do need something to keep my tights from slowly slipping down. So I bought one in black, and I roll the waistband of my tights down over it. VoilĂ ! Less slippage.

The big news was the new barre arrived! We chose not to use it Thursday, as it was a little bit low. Low, as in "sitting on the floor, unassembled" low. There was a brief discussion of skipping class and assembling the barre instead, but that idea didn't last long. They promise it'll be ready for the next class. Which is good, as we may need both of them.

We gained yet another new student. I believe she said she'd taken ballet for 14 years, but hasn't danced in another 14. If I've counted right this will make 7 students if all the regulars show up at once.

After class our instructor told me I need to get my guy friends to come to class. Uh huh. I can't think of any of them who'd be interested. I think she's going to have to do her own recruiting on that front.

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