Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I like private lessons

Once again I was the only student to show up for class. Maybe it was the rain? Regardless, it's fun to have the undivided attention of the teacher.

For example, I asked to skip the jumps that we normally do before we start work in the center. It tires me out and makes it harder to focus on stuff like turns and steps. The instructor pointed out that some folk needed the cardio workout (probably including me) but since it was my class we did as I asked.

More importantly, without the need to split her attention I get more detailed feedback. She's also freer to comment on what I need to work on and what I'm doing well. Some of her observations are really helping me figure out why I'm so off-balance coming out of chaînés turns (too much momentum in the turn).

The best part of the class, though, was something that happened quite by accident. We were doing something new at the barre, and for some reason she was standing behind me rather than in front. Of course that made it kinda hard for me to follow, so I turned around. I find it quite easy to work in mirror, so we went through the exercise facing each other. There was no physical contact, but it felt like we were dancing rather than just following an exercise. Almost like a pas de deux. And it was really fun. I really have little desire to perform, but this sort of thing might convince me otherwise. And the advantage of being the only guy in the class is that if we ever do get to doing partner moves, I'll get lots of practice.

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