Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yay, improvement!

Apparently the new instructor is capable of learning as well as teaching. She was back to her bubbly tone, but her digressions were brief and she stayed pretty much focused. She did take some time to mark out some music before starting us on it, but mostly she's been very good at having music pre-selected for each activity. I don't know if she started on time or not, as I got there late (boss called just as I was getting changed to go), but when I arrived about 10 minutes late they were at the barre ready to go.

On a more personal note, I managed to do a series of Chaînés turns without falling over. She showed us something that I either hadn't been shown before, or I'd forgotten, that helped it to work better. Given that I had to take Benadryl about an hour before class to calm my allergy-irritated nose, succeeding at anything requiring balance was quite a feat.

All in all, quite a good class.

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  1. I have several favorite ballet bloggers but I wish you guys would post more!


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