Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Woo Hoo! A Private Lesson!

After escaping from the 102F heat of my trip last week, I was looking forward to tonights class, hoping the others haven't gotten very far ahead. I got there early, only to find out I'm the only one to show. One injured her foot and won't be back for a couple of weeks, and the others are away on vacation. Last Tuesday night, while I was away, no one showed up at all. Holidays and all that, I guess.

So tonight it was just me and the instructor. We went through the new warm-up exercise she's starting to teach, and then we got side-tracked into detail. She noticed that when extending for a tendu I'm lifting my heel earlier than she'd like, and not getting it back down early enough when coming back. We worked on this for a while. Then she looked at my tendu derrière and made a correction to my hip position; I'm shifting the working leg hip back a bit, rather than keeping it aligned properly. And we worked on that for a while. Then I did tendus en croix and rond de jambe while she watched, and made some corrections as needed.

I don't remember all we worked on, but suddenly students for the ballroom class that follows started filtering in, and it was the end of the class.

All this may sound dreadfully basic, but that's is exactly what I wanted. I didn't break a sweat, but I really felt like I got some much-needed feedback. I even got a compliment: she likes the way I move à la seconde. It's a little thing, and she may have been looking for something to approve of after a long series of corrections and adjustments, but it felt good.

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