Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New dance tights on order

After wearing the Capezio MT-11 tights for several classes I went back to the pair of 5945 style. And promptly decided that the store clerk was right: they are far more comfortable. The MT-11s will now sit in a drawer "just in case". Or maybe I can wear them at the Renn Faire.

Most people might not care about my trials and tribulations with dance tights, but it's a popular search hit. For the benefit of those men (and parents of boys) who care (and voyeuristic women), I'll babble on.

As I've mentioned before I'm not your average male dancer. I'm 5'10" (1.7m) tall and weigh about 194 lbs (88kg). I've always enjoyed bicycling so my legs are not scrawny. The store clerk decided that the 5945 size large would be too big for me, so the pair I have are mediums. That'd probably be right if I were thinner, but they try to wander south during class, and the waist was just too tight until I stretched it a bit (accompanied by snapping sounds).

According to the Capezio fit charts I'm right on the cusp of size ranges. So I've decided to order some 5945s in size large. For reference, Capezio recommends buying 5945s "one size smaller" (smaller than what?). The MT-11s I have are size large and also creep about the same amount, so apparently it's true.

Back Bay Dancewear had a good price on them ($23.25/pr, plus $6.20 Priority Mail shipping and $3.50 "handling") so I placed an order Sunday shortly before 6pm. I got acknowledgment and confirmation emails of my order later Sunday evening. Monday I got notice from the USPS that they'd received "electronic notification of shipment", but nothing showed up in the USPS tracking until this morning. Unlike UPS or FedEx there isn't enough detail to tell when the package was actually shipped, but I'm hoping I'll get it before class tomorrow.

Update 4pm: My package arrived save and sound this afternoon. I'll find out in a couple of hours how well the 5945s in size Large fit.


  1. If they run their online business anything like their physical store... lovely people, but about as organized as a soup sandwich. Just sayin'. Hope the new tights come in soon!

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I hadn't noticed that they had a physical store. Next time I get up that way I'll have to make a side trip to check it out.

    As of yesterday morning my order had passed through the USPS sorting facility in New Hampshire, and this morning it arrived in my local area. This implies that they put my order in the hands of the USPS no later than Tuesday, and possibly Monday. Not too bad for an order placed Sunday evening.

    Given the choice I'd rather keep "lovely people" in business. As long as they deliver my orders accurately and in a reasonable time I'd rather give my money to good folk than to ruthlessly efficient but unpleasant types.

    Residential delivery here isn't until about 3pm, so I'm still hopeful that I'll get it in time for class tonight. It's not critical -- I have stuff I can wear.

  3. Babble away! :) I recently bought a pair of MT11 (my first tights ever), but haven't worn them for any extended period of time or to class yet. My class of about 20-25 people has four guys, and two of the guys wear tights, so I might as well make the leap (ha) sometime!

  4. I feel your pain. I'm a slim chick but tall and I ALWAYS have to go for the L or XL tights and even XXL sometimes! There is nothing worse than the creeping crotch as tights retreat towards your knees. I think the people who make dancewear think that everyone is a child or a small adult...LOL! I can't even imagine how much harder it is for guys to find the proper fit...I enjoyed your tights thesis :)


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