Monday, March 15, 2021

The Plague: Anniversary Edition

Yes, it's been over a year since COVID-19 — otherwise known in my mind as The Plague — changed life as we knew it. I count from mid-day Friday the 13th, 2020, as that's when my coworkers and I were sent home for what we expected to be "a few weeks".

Does 53 weeks count as "a few"?

I haven't been to an in-person class for even longer: mid-February was my last before I decided this thing wasn't just going to disappear "like a miracle". I tried virtual classes for a few months but gave up in June; I just find them too frustrating.

Have you ever had one of those anxiety dreams where you suddenly realize you're in public without your pants? A few weeks ago I had a dream where I showed up for class — properly attired for class, mind you — and realized I hadn't signed up in advance. All the little socially-distant squares were taken and I had to leave. That upset me more than I expected.

I really want to be back in the studio with the friends I've made over the years. But I'm not even thinking about taking an in-person class until I'm fully vaccinated, and that may be a month or more yet. Even then, are they doing centre work now or just barre?

Maybe it's time to go back to taking virtual classes? I don't know.

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