Thursday, December 17, 2020

Groundhog Day #280

At the end of July I posted about how it was Groundhog Day #140, a reference to the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray.

For me, today is Groundhog Day #280. So what's new? Nothing. Not a damned thing. That's why it's like Groundhog Day: the same thing, day after day. I have a little weather station on my wall that tells me what day of the week it is so I know what meetings I'm supposed to virtually attend.

I've been to my office once, to pick up a new laptop computer for use in my home office. The place looks a bit like the photos I've seen of Chernobyl. Clearly people used to go there, and there are remnants of their presence, but it looks like it was abandoned on short notice. The plants some people kept in their offices have withered and died from lack of water. A sad sight.

On the bright side, I remain healthy. None of my close friends have been infected; one or two acquaintances have tested positive but none have died. I still receive weekly notices of virtual ballet classes (and even some limited in-person classes) but thus far I'm still a drop-out. Maybe next summer.

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  1. We've been extremely lucky here in Australia, and I'm not in Victoria so haven't had that extra long lockdown.

    But I tried some online zoom classes, as of course, there were no classes for about 3 months, and you know? Just ... SO didn't do it for me. I didn't like them at all. Even just a ballet get-together on Zoom with my ballet mates, all doing a session one of us had prepped, didn't do it for me, or really for a few of the others either.


    But yes, on the bright side, in spite of having rellies in a number of the worst hit places in the world (bizarre how neatly my family's places of resident matched that so neatly. Done a lot of worrying this year.... And now everyone is in lockdown again) everyone is still ok *fingers firmly crossed*

    I hope it stays that way for my family, and your family and friends too.


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