Thursday, February 1, 2018

Missing a bunch of classes

That sinus infection really packed a punch. After a full week in bed I went back to work Tuesday, but I've really been dragging.

I last went to ballet class Jan 20th and felt fine. Monday the 22nd I started feeling sick and missed class on the 23rd, in hopes that taking it easy would speed my recovery from what I thought was the flu. The antibiotics kicked in sometime early Monday morning and I haven't had a fever since, but I still have some minor lingering symptoms.

I'd kinda set my sights on class tonight. Last night I was so tired after work I decided that even attempting a class tonight would be a bad idea. I didn't even pack my dance bag this morning.

I'm hopeful that I can go to class Saturday, but I'll bail on that idea if I'm not really ready. There's always Sunday, or the following Tuesday. No point in setting my recovery back by overexerting myself.

But that doesn't make me happy.

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