Saturday, February 10, 2018

Improving, but not 100% yet

 I had this idea that after two weeks recovery time from a one week illness, I'd be back to normal. Apparently I'm wrong.

Last Saturday I cut out after barre even though I was feeling pretty good, not wanting to risk drawing out my recover. Tuesday it was cold and I was feeling a bit tired so I skipped class entirely.

Thursday's class is significantly easier than the Sat/Tue class and I did pretty well. In preparation for petite allegro we did 32 changements. I finished that just fine but it left me brain-dead for the next exercise, a sequence of glissade, jeté, assemblé, changement, sissonne, sissonne, which I botched badly. This really isn't a hard combination, but I just couldn't think as far as the first sissonne. I sat out the last exercise, a grande allegro, because I was too tired to hold on to that relatively simple combination. Afterward I changed, drove home, and went to bed.

This morning I was hoping to get through the entire class, but barre was more energetic than usual. It's warmer outside than it has been for a while, and the studio was quite warm. Before we even got started I stripped off the sweatshirt I've been wearing through the first half of barre for many weeks. Shortly thereafter I pushed my leg warmers down so they only covered my ankles (they usually go up to just below my knees). Half way through barre I had to put a sweat band around my head to keep the sweat out of my eyes. By the end of barre I felt very tired, but was hoping to recover during the break and continue through center.

The first center exercise was fairly simple and I didn't have trouble remembering the sequence. However I felt even more tired and decided maybe I'd had enough and bailed. I'd hoped to make a clean, quiet exit as the instructor gave directions for the next exercise, but as I slipped out the door she called, "Bye, Reece!" Followed by a chorus of the same from several of my classmates. I can't decide if I should be touched that they care or embarrassed.

I'm thinking maybe that sinus infection and several weeks away from class have had more effect on me than I thought. *sigh*


  1. I think you should feel touched and not embarrassed. I've found other adult ballet students be supportive and not competitive, at least in my experience. I enjoy the camaraderie among adult ballet students and the fact that "everyone knows your name" (queue "Cheers" theme) is heartening.
    Like you, I am not 100% yet. After 3.5 months off from class, I am easing back slowly and leery of rising to full relever on my right foot (on two feet, let alone one).

    1. I have no doubt the instructor was being nice and just saying bye. She knows I'd been sick and it's just not in her character to be mean.

      My fellow students? I'm pretty sure their intent was to embarrass me, though I don't believe for a moment it was malicious. Let's call it good-natured teasing.


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