Friday, January 12, 2018

Dancing my shoes off

In general I've really been liking my new slippers. Last night was an exception.

The weather here has been a bit strange, to put it mildly. We had record cold for a couple of weeks, but this week the temperatures started to rise. Last Sunday the low temp was +1F (-17C), while it's currently +68F (+20C). The forecast for us to go back to deep freeze this weekend, dropping to +14F (-10C) by Sunday morning.

With the rising temps has come rising humidity -- near 100% right now -- but the air handlers in the studios are set for winter operation, which means increasing the humidity rather than lowering it.. This has made the floors stickier than usual. During a turn the suede pad under my forefoot sticks to the floor, causing my shoe to twist. My old shoes did this somewhat too, but being non-stretchy the amount they can twist has been limited. These shoes, on the other hand, happily stretch enough to be a problem.

I still have my old Romeo slippers in my bag, and the hole in them isn't big enough to cause real problems. I'm thinking I may want to wear them tomorrow morning.


  1. Quite honestly, that sounds disgustingly humid. Bizarre effect on your shoes.

    1. I should probably clarify. It was 100% humidity outside; inside it didn't feel all that humid, but the floor was more "sticky" than Marley floors usually are.

      I've actually seen it worse. There were a few days some years ago when the floors felt so sticky that we didn't even attempt turns out of concern that someone would get injured. This was no where near as bad, but it was enough to twist my shoe uncomfortably.


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