Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On the Island of Misfit Monkeys

I left for class late, and was quite worried that I wouldn't arrive before class started. In fact, I walked up to the front desk thinking class would just be starting and I still needed to change clothes. Yet on my way to the men's dressing room I encountered our instructor in the hallway. What the...?

I'd correctly remembered that evening classes started 15 minutes later than they used to (for about the last year), but I misremembered the old start time as the new start time. Great. They say memory is the second thing to go... and I can't remember what the first thing was.

So quite unexpectedly I had 15 minutes to change and stretch before class. It was during this time that the hallway conversation turned to the subject of a year-long sabbatical on the island of misfit monkeys. Don't ask; it wasn't my idea.

Tonight there was a familiar face I didn't recall seeing for a while. It was a former regular who is working as an au pair in Paris. She was so excited to be home she really seemed to want to talk. Unfortunately, in this class, I really can't afford to skip the descriptions of the exercises once we get past the first few familiar ones. 'Tis a shame, too, as I'm sure she has some great stories to tell. Such as French ballet classes focus very heavily on the artistic qualities and very little on the physical strength required to actually execute ballet steps, so she was finding our classes exhausting. She did make an unsolicited offer to play tour guide next time I find myself in Paris. Should that occur.

I've been feeling a bit asthmatic the last few days, so I felt a less energetic than I might otherwise have. And the infrequent-ness of my attendance leaves me more prone to calf muscle cramps. But my balance seems to be better and better, and when I can muster the energy my turns are improving. Now if I could just lose 30 pounds I'd be pretty happy.

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