Sunday, June 21, 2015

The One with the Fake Monica

My GF and I have been watching the TV show "Friends" for the first time. We just watched the episode entitled "The One with the Fake Monica". In this episode, Monica takes a tap class. She there only to figure out who has stolen her identity, but the instructor insists she has to either participate in the class or leave. Of course, she has no clue what she's doing. Hilarity ensues. Eventually the impostor is caught and Monica can go back to her normal life.

Why am I mentioning this? Because at the end of the episode we're back in the tap class with Monica standing in the doorway looking unsure, clearly out of her safe zone. The instructor tells her "In or out!" and she steps forward and joins the class. When the instructor says "You don't know what you're doing!" (something a good instructor wouldn't say), she replies with something like, "But I'm here."

Sometimes it's necessary to get outside your comfort zone. And sometimes it's the being there that's important, not the result.

After a week break to recover from the Adult Weekend Workshop, I went back to class today. I decided to go with the Beginner II class rather than Advanced beginner so I could focus more on technique than complex sequences. Which was probably a good idea, since I'm apparently still sore in places (mainly my lower calf muscles). The bruises on my big toes are as dark as they've ever been, but they don't hurt like they did earlier this week.

My turns are getting better. At the AWW I pulled off my first decent double pirouette in 18 months, though it was in practice before class rather than in class, of course! Today the instructor pointed out that many of us were pulling our arms in rather than keeping an open first, and fixing that also helped. I'm thinking maybe I gained more than aches and pains over those three days.

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