Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A decent double, finally

After having been too busy/lazy to get to class for over a week, I finally went tonight. Despite the uncomfortably warm (to me) temp and high humidity in the studio, the floor wasn't sticky at all. My turns seemed to be working quite well, and I was having to stop the turn deliberately rather than fall out of it. At one point I thought to myself, "Self, if you hadn't stopped that turn you'd have gone around twice." So the next time I let it go, and executed a pretty decent double pirouette en dehor.

Except for spotting, which I noticed I really didn't do. So when we moved to pirouette practice, I gave up on doubles and tried to concentrate on spotting. And in doing so I found myself falling over rather than turning cleanly. Clearly I'm doing something wrong; I just need to figure out what.

But I did a decent double! Woo hoo!

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