Friday, April 18, 2014

I remember this!

It's all coming back to me now: the aches in my calf muscles when I try to walk. Having to push on my chair's arm rests to get up. Falling into my seat when I try to sit down. I haven't hurt like this since... oh... the last time I whined about this a year or more ago.

Wednesday's pliés were uncomfortable and relevés worse, but I didn't expect the aches to last this long. It's just more proof that I need to restart slowly, though I find that hard to do. I ditched the idea of the classes last night or tomorrow, and have set my sights on Monday evening instead. Or Wednesday. Or both... *sigh*

I should also note what I didn't have trouble with. I didn't need to pant to catch my breath between each barre exercise. I didn't have any trouble getting my arms into high fifth, though that's about the limit of their motion at the moment. I didn't hurt during forward bends as long as I kept my back fairly straight. I didn't hurt (much) during backward bends, though that's because I stopped when I encountered resistance. Circular port de bras only twinged a little, which will probably go away with some stretching. I was far worse only a few weeks ago.

But if you see someone walking like a penguin, think of me!

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