Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not So Settled

You know that confident conviction that I was going to claw my way into the Advanced Beginner class? It lasted all of two days.
Before class this evening I got to talking with a couple of folk who take the Advanced Beginner class. They all say it's harder than the Beginner II classes I'm taking now. I started out just shrugging my shoulders, saying I wasn't planning on skipping any of my current classes, because I know that I need more work with the basics. But it planted a seed of doubt.

Class tonight felt a bit weird. We did a number of new combinations, and I had very little difficulty remembering the sequences. There were occasional hiccups, but even one with a succession of turns flowed like I'd done them before. What was lacking was execution. I fell out of piqué turns instead of completing them cleanly. I could do pirouettes in isolation, but combined with other steps I finished off balance. Six months ago I'd have been excited, but I look like a klutz compared to the folk who also take the Advanced Beginner. Maybe I'm not ready. I can see a time coming when I'll be ready, but maybe not just yet.

So what was settled in my mind Sunday afternoon is un-settled tonight. I could take another Beginner II class Monday evening with the same instructor as Sunday morning. I'd probably learn a lot more that way than struggling in an Advanced Beginner class, but that'd mean having classes Sat/Sun/Mon/Tue, then no classes Wed/Thu/Fri. Ugh.

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