Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ballet is my religion

Yesterday morning's class started with a discussion of religious observances, which was summed up by one student's exclamation that "Ballet is my religion!" After which we commenced with our observance of Barre.

Finally, a religion I get behind.

I finished class dripping as usual. I'm starting to see glimmers of consistency in my balance, which excites me greatly. Center work is still a challenge, but honestly, if it wasn't I'd be looking for a harder class. The allegro combination I thought I'd figured out last time got changed up, and as my group was going across the floor the instructor yelled to the pianist to speed it up. Nothing like having the music start going faster and faster while you're in the middle of a combination.

This time I was smart enough to bring a big fluffy towel and a change of shirt for the Stretch class. That teacher can be quite hands on. But she understands that not everyone is bendy-twisty, "and that's why you're here" she told me. True enough.

After lunch I was feeling abused enough to warrant a small ice cream. My weight has stabilized at about 190lbs, which isn't the 174 my doctor wants but it's 10 below where I was not long ago. What hasn't stabilized is my waist size: I need to punch some new holes in my belt. So imagine my shock when the scale read 195 lbs just before I went to bed! This morning, though — my regular time to check — it again read 190. Still, I guess I'll have to go back to paying more attention to my diet.

Had my second class with the other Beginner II teacher this morning. Her style is more formal than some of the other classes I've taken, but I think that's because she also teaches the kids. Her sense of humor is also more subtle but no less present. I feel more confident in her combinations, with my screw-ups being one-offs rather than falling behind and never catching up again. I got a couple of compliments on a few things. It's a good thing this class is a bit easier, though, because I'm still sore from yesterday's classes.

If ballet is my religion, can I deduct my costs and contributions on my taxes?

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