Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Viva le Bubba!

Saturday morning our instructor showed up mug in hand. Or should I say "mug in two hands". The Bubba mug holds a litre of coffee, which isn't exactly light. By the end of class she still had about a half a mug left, and it was still hot enough to be tasty.

As one of the first to show up, I put out some of the portable barres. Not all of the six we usually put out, but four of them. Apparently many in class don't view it as their jobs to move the barres, so students crowded themselves onto the four I'd put out. I found that quite amusing. As an unintentional side-effect, that meant someone actually shared the barre I'd camped out on.

What is it with people who can't keep time with music? The student behind me was consistently ahead of the music, and got farther and farther ahead as an exercise progressed. In one way that was good for me, as it forced me to focus my attention on a random corner of the room so her unsynchronized movements didn't throw me off time as well. Then the pianist must have gotten bored, because she started playing music without a clear beat, which threw everyone off time.

Tuesday I got to class just as it was starting. Whoever put out the barres also only put out four, and they were rather crowded already. I pulled out one more to the far end of the front row and stood there. Aside from it being a bit more difficult to see the instructor demonstrating I don't much care, which keeps me clear of those fighting for the back of the room. As more people came in late, they crowded onto the back row rather than pull out the sixth. It's amazing the lengths people will go to to avoid doing something that draws attention to themselves.

Speaking of avoiding attention, I've noticed the same thing in our center work. If I don't know what I'm doing I prefer to have someone in front of me to follow, but what good is it when everyone is crowded in the back and NO ONE is in front? Why would you rather stand so close to me that I'm going to whack you during a turn than take a few steps toward the mirror? If EVERYONE takes a few steps forward, then NO ONE is any more in front of anyone else. This is how I end up standing in the front row so often -- I'm not one of those whose presence in a beginner class I question, but when there's so much empty space up there and none anywhere else I'm going to move up. Sheesh!

(Ok, this is definitely going to be classified as a rant.)

Aside from THAT, these were good classes. :-)

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