Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Apple for the Teacher

Well, not exactly.

A week or so ago our instructor was commenting that her insulated coffee mug didn't hold enough coffee. I'm not really sure why her comments stuck in my head, but a few days later I was noodling around on Google and put in a query for large travel mugs. Did you know you can get an insulated mug that holds 70 oz? That's a hair over 2 litres for metric folk. As much as that appealed as a gag gift, I couldn't picture this woman carrying around a mug weighing close to 5 lbs (2 kg).

Bubba 34-oz insulated mug
Ever the practical person, I settled on this mug from Bubba Brands. It holds 34 oz (1 litre) and is well insulated to keep her coffee warm. It has a wide base to minimize the chance of it getting knocked over, and I thought the color would appeal to her.

I couldn't find this combination of size and color locally so I ordered one from Amazon. It showed up Thursday. In its gift-wrapped box it looked to me like a pair of shoes.

This morning's class was lightly attended -- only 13 students -- probably because they're also holding an adult intensive this weekend. A prereq for the intensive is Advanced Beginner level skills, so I didn't expect many of our Beginner II students would be attending, but apparently I'm wrong. I left the box in the tall swivel chair they keep in the studios for instructors, and just before she started class I pointed it out to her. She got excited like a little kid, and gushed over how pretty the box was (the box?) while she struggled to get the ribbon off of it. Apparently the gift-wrappers at Amazon don't want people peeking at their gifts prematurely! Eventually she got the box open and then laughed in delight and showed it so the other students could see it.

I love seeing people happy. Sometimes it takes so little.


  1. This is so sweet! :-D Oh, and yes, women do like boxes. :-P

    as a mid-20s, (female), lifelong dancer, I love reading your blog. I've just discovered it. I think it's the brutal honesty about the classes that has me stuck. (like you on your rosin floor--sorry about that! ;) )

    1. Thanks for the comment! I just tell it as I see it, though I do self-censor some of my more whiny moments. I hope you "stick around". :-)

  2. Super sweet! I love the Bubba. My son and I are always bringing little things in for our dance teacher (including dinner, drinks or small snack for sneaking between classes). We do it because at this point she is no longer Miss Cheryl but more like "Aunt Cheryl."

    1. The rest of Saturday's class proceeded at a comparatively relaxed pace, but last night's class was brutal. She tells me that she's reserving the Bubba mug for Saturdays, and I'm wondering whether a well-caffeinated instructor is going to be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess I'll find out in a few days!


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