Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back in the swing of things

I'm mostly recovered from my cold this weekend, and decided to go to class this evening. My balance still isn't what it was before the break, but I felt less tired than I did a week ago — no trembling this time.

We had a lot of newbies this evening (totaling 15 women & 3 men, if you're keeping score), so none of the exercises or combinations were particularly challenging. This allowed me to focus on form. Would anyone outside a dance class understand what a comment like "Nice feet!" means, or how good it feels to hear it?

In the center we worked on piqué turns. To the right I found myself rolling off to the outside of my right foot, even when I consciously tried not to, which threw off my balance. I didn't have the same problem to the left, so I'll have to work that side. We also did a bunch of jumps: sautés, changements, a combination of glissade and assemblé, another of chassé and arabesque. About 45 minutes of very energetic activity. Pant pant pant. I haven't been that glad to get to reverence in quite a while.

I may try out the Monday Beginner II class. I'm told it's more advanced than the Wednesday night Beginner I class but not as hard as the Tuesday Beginner II. The Saturday Beginner II class would fit my schedule better than the Sunday Beginner I, which would give me a Mon-Wed-Sat schedule. But not this week.

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