Thursday, August 23, 2012

My first pair of pointe shoes

A conversation...

A big moment in every dancer's life is their first pair of pointe shoes. And I got my first pair of pointe shoes today!

What? Pointe shoes? You? Didn't you say you're a guy?

Last I checked... hmm... yup, still a guy. Tights for class not withstanding.

But guys don't dance pointe; that's a girl thing.

Not entirely true. The Russians think it's good training, especially for partnering. And then there are the Trocaderos.

But you were all worried about that student... and you have no training!

Training? What are you talking about? I don't need training! Not for this...

I got a pair of Merrill Ashley's autographed Capezio pointe shoes!


Thanks to my friend Jill's eagle eye (and her considerable Google fu), I picked these up for less than the price of a pair of brand new Capezio pointes.

Ohhh!  But how do you know the signatures are real and not forgeries?

I don't. But if the signatures are forged, they're dead ringers for the autograph in my copy of her book:

Besides, these have the old Capezio logo on them. And it'd be silly to forge something and sell them for less than the shoes would cost new.

More pictures! More more more!

Not tonight. I didn't get home until late, and it's after 11pm. I gotta go to work in the morning. But I promise I'll take more pictures another day.


  1. Wow, neat! Ha, a few days ago I read only the first few lines of this post in my RSS reader, meaning to come back to it later, and I totally thought you were going to start learning pointe! :)

    1. Would I intentionally mislead my readers like that? Me? Naah...


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