Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another milestone

Pardon me for being excited, but I've reached another milestone: I've worn a hole in the toe of my slipper!

Ok, it's a tiny hole in one of the pleats. I only noticed it because the white lining is showing through the black outer. But it's clearly from wear and not a cut or tear. I wore a similar hole in my slipper waybackwhen, but that took four years. And, yes, I was excited about that too.

I tried wearing an Under Armour "heatgear" shirt tonight, as suggested by Jeff in his comment on a previous posting. It's less absorbent than a cotton T-shirt, but it "breathes" better which makes it more comfortable. It's also longer and much stretchier, so I don't feel the need to yank my shirt down after every movement. Thanks for the great suggestion, Jeff!

Tonight we did the usual pliés, tendus, and rond-de-jambes, with lots of focus on position and form. We did a sequence of fifth position - coupé devant - passé devant - passé derriere - coupé derriere - fifth, and then reverse, which built on the work we did last week. Then the instructor introduced us to attitude. The phrase "copping an attitude" has new meaning now. Those suckers hurt! But I've come to believe that, in ballet, if it doesn't hurt you're doing it wrong. Or not trying hard enough.

I didn't get much feedback from the instructor tonight. She did correct my arm position in a plié while I had my foot on the barre, so I'm hoping that's a sign that I'm headed in the right direction.

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  1. I wore a hole in one of my ballet shoes recently, and it definitely felt like a badge of honor! I kept wearing them, though, until once before class I realized they were sort of undanceable. http://instagram.com/p/NPzcHtw_bg/ Thankfully I had another pair in my dance bag. It did make me realize I should probably just stock up on shoes and rotate through them.

    Glad the shirt worked out! Regular cotton T-shirts have long fallen to the bottom of my dancewear totem pole. :)


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