Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Strange search criteria

I've been toying with posting some of the search criteria used to find my blog. Yesterday the blog Rori roars did this, and that's pushed me over the edge.

I get some ordinary, sensible search hits:
  • "my first ballet class" -- Always a good one. Everyone has to be new at some point.
  • "boys dance belt" -- a popular topic among young male dancers and their parents, as is the next one...
  • "wearing a dance belt" -- I really don't see why people get hyper about this topic. It's not uncomfortable, unless it's the wrong size or you pull it up too tightly and abrade your coccyx (tailbone). Yet some guys act like it's a castration conspiracy.
Then there are the amusing ones:
  • "adult ninja tights" -- Probably a hit on my posting Adult Non-Mutant Ninja Dancers.  A bit amusing to think somewhere out there there's a half-naked ninja desperately searching the web for tights. Yeah.
  • "dance shoes with student hill" -- This one had me confused for quite a while, then I realized that "hill" is probably a misspelling of "heel".
  • "the impracticality of trying" -- I've given up trying to figure out how this one found my blog because of its impracticality.
And then there's this gem:
  • "boys taking ballet as a female" -- I'm all for the freedom to express yourself, but I have enough trouble already with new female students looking at me like I'm using the women's locker room. Besides, the biggest difference I've noticed short of pointe work is the color of the clothing and whether the tights go under your top (female) or over (male).

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  1. Glad I inspired you! I am rather amused by "the impracticality of trying." If you can work that into a post topic I would be most impressed! And half-naked ninjas, hah!


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