Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, that's the word that one of my classmates used when our instructor announced that someone else would be teaching our class starting next week, and she would only be a substitute teacher. Apparently she has schedule conflicts for the summer that are prohibitive.

Let's say I'm less than thrilled. Regardless of what faults she may have, our present instructor has listened to us when we had concerns, has encouraged us, and really made us feel welcome and wanted. Those are big slippers to fill.

The studio's director says they have a "highly qualified" teacher ready to start next week, but declined to mention a name. We're still dealing with the same old rickety barre; several people in the class made... ummm... "negative comments" about it this evening, though not directly to the studio director. Even if it were stable, though, it's no longer big enough for the class size; there was yet another student this evening I hadn't seen before, and she's not a newbie.

I hate to end on a down note, because class was pretty good tonight. But I'm feeling cranky.

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