Tuesday, September 7, 2021

How many shoes are in your dance bag?

My dance bag is a collector of stuff I think that I might need, should some unforeseen circumstance arise that never does. Every few months I'll go though it and strip it down to the essentials, but somehow it always fills up again.

This evening, an unforeseen circumstance actually arose.

About 15 months ago I ordered two pairs of my newly favorite slippers, So Danca style SB16. While I was shopping I discovered the same online shop had in stock my previously favorite slippers, Capezio style Romeo, so I ordered two pairs of those too. By the time they arrived I'd given up on virtual classes, so the package containing my four new pairs of slippers sat unopened.

When I went back to in-person classes earlier this summer I started wearing a pair of my new So Danca slippers. As a backup I also tossed in a pair of the Capezio Hanamis. Somewhere along the way I also tossed in an unopened box containing a pair of the Capezio Romeos.

When I got to class this evening I discovered that the cap on my water bottle had opened somehow and much of my dance gear was dripping wet. However, since school policy is that you are to show up dressed for class (plus a street-wear cover) the only think I cared about were my shoes. The Hanamis were soaked. At first I thought the So Dancas were dry, but one of them turned out to be wet. Fortunately the box kept the Romeos dry, so I had a pair of dry shoes to wear.

Maybe keeping three pairs of slippers in my dance bag doesn't mean I'm paranoid after all!

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