Saturday, February 2, 2019

Pas du Groundhog

We've had unusually cold weather this week. Snow canceled classes Tuesday. I decided not to go to class Thursday to be rested for Friday's repertoire class, but it was canceled Friday mid afternoon due to yet more snow and cold, shifting the start date of the 5-week class back a week.

Today (Saturday) I went to my usual class. When I checked in I asked how many were registered for repertoire: 5. They want 8 to make it economically viable. Uh oh.

Just before we started centre I made an appeal for anyone who was interested in the repertoire class to sign up this weekend. One is a probable; others asked questions but I don't expect they will.

Barre was grueling. Fortunately centre was easier than it might have been. This instructor deliberately builds from one week to the next, so most of the exercises were familiar. This is especially important when I'm tired and my IQ drops off. It's also the reason for the title of this post.

After class I talked with Jeff, who teaches the repertoire class. He has one other person who said they will sign up, which would bring the registration to seven. Is anyone local interested in signing up for this class?

We're tantalizingly close to the minimum registration for this class to go ahead. It now starts next Friday, February 8th, and runs for 5 consecutive weeks at 7:30pm.

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