Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A question about leg warmers

When I first started ballet classes, way back in the 1980s, I bought a pair of leg warmers because everyone wore them. It being the '80s, they were purple. I still have them, though the elastic has long since dried out. When I went started taking classes again a few years ago I didn't bother with the leg warmers. In fact, I started wearing shorts thinking that would help dissipating the heat I generate.

We're quickly moving into winter here and it looks like it may be a cold one. A couple weeks ago, while I was shopping for new slippers, I saw a rack of leg warmers . I decided to get a pair for when a studio is especially cold. It's no longer the 1980s so I grabbed a black pair.

At first I wore them while I warmed up and pulled them off after barre, just before starting center. The last couple of classes, though, I've left them on all the way through class. I thought I would feel hotter, but it hasn't felt that way. And it sorta feels like I have more spring in my legs while I'm wearing them.

Does anyone else find this to be true?

On a tangentially related note... Last night, in between center combinations, our instructor gave one of the students a compliment on her attire. Apparently feeling that it was inappropriate to single out this student, she started offering compliments to each of us in turn. When she got to me she kinda hesitated, as if she didn't know quite what to say. Here I was, dressed in black slippers, black leg warmers, black tights, and a tight midnight-blue T-shirt. If the floor had been black, as it is where I take class Thursdays, I'd be nearly invisible. I grinned at her and said, "I'm dressed as a ballet ninja." Blink. Blink.

Hey, my sense of humor is the only thing that keeps me sane. Even if it sometimes makes other people question my sanity.


  1. I wear purple leg warmers all the time. They're thick and warm. I never thought of them as being 80's attire. lol. I bought them last year. :)

    Sounds like she had no sense of humor.

    1. Her sense of humor is fine; it's mine that is twisted. :-)

      I have a tight black nylon cap I bought a while back to keep the fibreglass out of my hair while working in my attic. Tonight I'll be in the studio with the black floor, and I'm toying with wearing it to see how well I can blend in.

  2. I love your ballet ninja comment!

  3. Ballet ninja is great! I'll have to remember this next time I wear all black to ballet class.
    Leg warmers are my life - I don't do class without them. This winter, I bought some full-length ones that also keep my knees warm. They definitely reduce cramping and random joint pains and improve performance. I have also read in a book about sports medicine that keeping your ankles warm after exercise is good for your Achilles tendon. The tendon has a very poor blood supply and keeping it warm after exercise supposedly improves its recovery.


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